To start withX
·Crispy prawn salad
with romesco sauce and basil oil
18,00 €
·Smoked oyster soup
with aubergine caviar
17,00 €
·Iberian ham, tomato-rubbed bread
24,00 €
·Vegetarian roasted red pepper lasagna
with vegetables, mushrooms and fresh cheese
17,00 €
·Spring salad
lettuces, tomato confit, shiitake mushroom, avocado purée and sesame miso vinaigrette
11,00 €
·Mushroom parmentier
ratatouille, poached egg and Idiazabal cheese sauce
16,70 €
·Lobster ravioli
with vegetables and curried béchamel
17,50 €
Small plates
·Crispy Gorgonzola, black olives and tomatoes 9,50 €
·Puffs filled with micuit foie gras apple and watercress
10,50 €
·Cured salmon stuffed potatoes with chive mayonnaise
10,00 €
From the sea
·Fricandeau of scallops, razor clams and lobster
with fairy-ring mushrooms and carrot
31,00 €
·Grilled Northern white tuna
with spiced yogurt, mangetout peas and tomato jam
27,50 €
·Broiled cockles and monkfish
on a bed of boulangere potatoes and honey aubergines
29,00 €
·Peix de Sant Pere amb llagostins
chop suey de verdures i un toc de gingebre
28,50 €
·Ebre Delta rice with sea urchins, shrimp, cockles and artichokes,
thyme and spring garlic ice cream
26,50 €
From the land
·Roast duckling
with orange tree honey,
soya sauce and cardamom pears
27,50 €
·Veal sirloin with duck liver
Port wine sauce and artichoke textures
28,00 €
·Carré de xai al forn
amb xerès i romaní, raviolis de samfaina
i allioli de remolatxa
27,50 €
·Rack of lamb, rosemary and sherry-roasted, spring garlic and
spinach fritters, beet garlic sauce
27,50 €
·Angus beef hamburger
with raspberry sauce, pumpkin chips and purée
27,00 €
·Porcini stuffed pig’s trotters
with truffle sauce, asparagus and peas
26,00 €
Fresh from the Earth
·Ragout of vegetables, tofu, porcini and quinoa 19,00 €
To continue
·Cheese board 9,00 €
·Chocolate cake (10 minutes)
with hazelnut praliné and tiger nut milk ice cream
7,20 €
·Red berry crumble
with mascarpone
7,20 €
·Fine apple tart
with pastry cream and toffee chantilly
7,20 €
·Unsweetened cocoa cream
with yogurt and mango ice cream
7,00 €
·Pistachio mousse
with passion fruit
7,20 €
Assortment menuX
Vegetarian roasted red pepper lasagna
with vegetables, mushrooms and fresh cheese

Lobster ravioli
with vegetables and curried béchamel

Broiled cockles and monkfish
on a bed of boulangere potatoes and honey aubergines

Veal sirloin with duck liver
Port wine sauce and artichoke textures

Red berry crumble
with mascarpone

Unsweetened cocoa cream
with yogurt and mango ice cream

Bread service, mineral water, coffee
62,00 € a head
Chef´s menu
We offer you a menu chosen by chef Miguel Alija,
with 5 courses and 2 desserts
Bread service, mineral water, coffee
70,00 € a head
Barcelona Menu

Crispy Gorgonzola
with black olives and tomato

John Dory with prawns
vegetable chop suey and ginger flavour

Roast rack of lamb
with sherry and rosemary, roasted vegetable ravioli
and beet garlic sauce

Fine apple tart
with pastry cream and toffee chantilly

Bread service, mineral water, coffee
49,00 € a head
Weekday Menu
On weekdays our Market Menu is available for lunch

Bread service and mineral water, glass of wine, coffee 34,00 €




Our wine cellar offers you a wide range of appellations of origin in: Cavas and Champagneswhite winerosé and red wine

Cavas and ChampagnesX
·Champagne Louis Roederer. Brut Premier
·Champagne Ruinart Brut Blanc des Blancs
·Champagne Ruinart Brut Rosé
·Champagnes La Gran Dame
·Champagnes Laurent - Perrier
·Champagnes Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
·Codorniu Pinot Noir Rosat 2011
·De la Finca 2010 Raventós i Blanc
·De Nit 2011 Raventos i Blanc Rosat
·DO Gran Reserva Vintage 2008
·Elisabet Raventos 2006
·Gramona III Lustros 2006
·Gran Reserva Personal 1999, Raventós i Blanc
·Gran Reserva Personal 2000, Raventós i Blanc
·Gran Reserva Personal, 1998 Raventós i Blanc
·Jané Ventura 2010 Reserva de la Música
·Leopardi. Gran Reserva 2008
·Meritum Gran Reserva 2008
·Milesime Juve i Camps 2008
·Rerserva Familia Juve y Camps 2009
·Rovellats Masia S.XV. Milesimé 2004
·Turo d'en Mota 1999
White wine
·Abadia Da Cova 2010 D.O Ribera Sacra
·Albariño D Fefiñanes 2010 D.O. Rias Baixas
·Antea 2011 Marqués de Cáceres D.O. Rioja
·Barbara Fores 2011
·Belondrade y Lurton 2011 D.O. Rueda
·Cara Nord 2012 D.O. Conca de Barberà
·Castillo de Monjardin 2011 D.O.Navarra
·Castillo Perelada Chardonnay 2011 D.O.Empordà
·Cervoles 2012 D.O.Costers del Segre
·Cristiari 2011 D.O. Costers del Segre
·Dido 2012 D.O. Montsant
·El Fanio 2011 Albet I Noya D.O Penedès
·Finca Els Camps 2010 Jané Ventura D.O. Penedès
·Gramona Mas Escorpí 2012 D.O.Penedés
·Gran Bazan 2010 D.O. Rias Baixas
·Guitian 2011 D.O Valdeorras
·Jane Ventura 2013 D.O.Penedés
·Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2012 D.O.Penedès
·Marques de Alella 2012 D.O.Alella
·Miranda d'Espiells 2012 D.O. Penedès
·Monte Blanco de Ramon Bilbao 2012 D.O. Rueda
·Morlanda 2011 D.O.Priorat
·Muscat 2012 D.O.Penedés
·Roura Sauvignon 2012 D.O. Alella
·Sauvignons Blanc 2012 D.O.Penedés
·Silencis 2011 D.O. Penedès
·Terras Gauda O Rosal 2011 D.O. Rias Baixas
·Valdubon 2012 D.O. Rueda
·Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer 2012 D.O. Somontano
·Waltraud 2012 D.O.Penedés
Rosé wine
·Gramona Primeur 2013 D.O. Penedés
·Jane Ventura 2012 D.O. Penedés
·Nekeas 2013 D.O.Navarra
·Petit Caus 2012 D.O. Penedes
·Roura Merlot 2012 D.O. Alella
Red wine
·Abadal Crianza 2009 D.O.Pla de Bages
·Abadia da Cova 2011 D.O Ribeira Sacra
·Abadia Retuerta 2009 Selecc. Especial D.O. La Rioja
·Allende 2005 D.O La Rioja
·Altico Syrah 2010 D.O Jumilla
·Bàrbara Forés 2010 D.O.Terra Alta
·Barón de Chirel Reserva 2004 D.O. Rioja
·Bru de Gramona 2011 D.O.Penedes
·Brunus 2009 D.O. Montsant
·Camins del Priorat 2012 D.O.Q Priorat
·Cara Nord 2012 D.O.Conca de Barberà
·Casa Vella D'Espiells 2008 D.O. Penedes
·Castaño 2011 D.O Yecla
·Castell de Falset 2005 D.O. Montsant
·Castell de Raimat 2010 D.O. Costers del Segre
·Colors 2010 Cérvoles D.O. Costers del Segre
·Cristiari D'Alós 2010 D.O. Costers del Segre
·Dehesa Gago 2011 D.O.Toro
·Emilio Moro 2010 D.O Ribera de Duero
·Enate 2010 D.O. Somontano
·Enrique Mendoza 2010 Shiraz Alicante
·Enrique Mendoza 2011 Pinot Noir Alicante
·Erre Punto 2012 D.O La Rioja
·Fincas de Ganuza 2006 D.O Rioja
·Formiga de Vellut 2011 D.O.Q. Priorat
·Gran Reserva 904, 2001 D.O. La Rioja
·Habitat 2012 D.O.Catalunya
·Hacienda Grimon 2010 Crianza D.O. La Rioja
·Hacienda Monasterio 2009 D.O.Ribera de Duero
·Honoris de Valdubón 2007 D.O Ribera de Duero
·Iohannes Reserva 2007 D.O. Penedes
·Isabel Negra 2009 D.O. Penedes
·La Vicalanda 2008 D.O Rioja
·Legaris 2010 D.O. Ribera del Duero
·Les Terrasses 2011 D.O.Priorat
·Marques de Griñon 2006 D.O Dominio de Valdepusa
·Marques de Murrieta 2007 D.O. La Rioja
·Mas Collet 2011 D.O. Montsant
·Mas Comtal 2011 Negre D'Anyada D.O. Penedes
·Mas La Plana 2008 D.O. Penedes
·Mas Perinet 2006 D.O. Priorat
·Matsu El Picaro 2011 D.O.Toro
·MC 2009 D.O La Rioja
·Miserere 2005 D.O. Priorat
·Muga 2009 D.O. Rioja
·Negre Selecció 2010 D.O. Penedes
·Nita 2012 D.O. Priorat
·Oliver Conti 2010 D.O. Emporda
·Pago de Carraovejas 2010 D.O. Ribera de Duero
·Pardas Negre Franc 2009 D.O Penedes
·Pingus 2005 D.O Ribera de Duero
·Pittacum 2008 D.O Bierzo
·Ramón Bilbao 2010 Edicion Limitada D.O la Rioja
·Remelluri reserva 2006 D.O. La Rioja
·Roura 3 Ceps 2010 D.O. Alella
·San Roman 2010 D.O Toro
·San Vicente 2010 D.O Rioja
·Solanes 2007 D.O.Priorat
·Svmma Varietalis 2007 D.O.Valdepusa
·Valbuena 5º Año 2007 D.O. Ribera de Duero
·Valdubón Crianza 2010 D.O.Ribera de Duero
·Valenciso 2006 D.O Rioja
·Valtravieso 2009 D.O Ribera de Duero
·Vega Sicilia Unico 2002 D.O. Ribera de Duero
·Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004 D.O. La Rioja
·Viña Sastre 2010 D.O Ribera de Duero
·Viñas de Gain 2011 D.O La Rioja
·Viñas del Vero Gran Vos 2005 D.O Somontano

Casp, 48 - 08010 Barcelona - Tel. 93 412 40 12

The Restaurant Casa Calvet is located in the Casa Calvet, a building that created the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

At the heart of Barcelona, in a unique and very well connected place.

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Kitchen timetable:

from 13:00 h to 15:30 h and

from 20:30 h to 23:00 h

Closed days:

Sundays and holidays.

Closed on Mondays in June, July and August

Weekday Menu 34,00 € (Lunchtime Monday to Friday)