Lounge and kitchen: The team

Miguel Alija

I was very young, age 14, when I started my professional life in the culinary world. I left school early to work exclusively in the restaurant industry. So from when I was young I worked in the top restaurants in Barcelona, working my way up through all the sections and duties...

Paquita Castro

Paquita Castro

Head waitress and sommelier

When I started in the restaurant world I had already had my three daughters. By chance I met Mrs. Natalia Mompeat, who taught me how to start from scratch as a waitress. With the help of her son, Rodrigo Mestres, I worked at the exquisite Vía Claris. Then I worked at Gran Colmado, a restaurant and shop which was ahead of its time...

Alejandro Jurado

I started working as a chef by washing dishes and pots at Restaurant Rocío, where I later moved on to the stove. A few months later I moved on to Restaurant Gorría, Marfil, El Dorado Petit…

Dennis Burgos

This is not just a job for me, this is my life, my passion; I couldn’t live without cooking. There are no shortcuts to mastering my craft; it takes years of blood, sweat and tears to earn the right to be called a cook.

Salomé Supervia

Salomé Supervia

Administration and reservations

Every morning I take the commuter train into the city centre from the Vallès region. I like to combine the city and nature. I have worked in administration and online and phone reservations for ten years. So, while I’m here working, my reservation book and I go everywhere together.

Patrick Foret

Patrick Foret

Junior maître

I started in the restaurant industry when I was very young, helping my parents in our restaurant in Palamós. Later on, I worked for my uncle at Pacha in Platja d’Aro for several summers. I continued working in pubs and clubs for a few years, while I was studying...

Jordi Cancer

I started working at Restaurant Casa Calvet on 30th December 2004, through Sergi, a good friend of mine. After a number of years in different restaurants, I was lucky to get to work here, in one of the iconic buildings of the best Barcelona Modernism...

Yolanda Lisbona

I started working in 1995 at Restaurant La Font, and combined this work with courses on computing and English. It was in this restaurant that I began to break into the restaurant world and train as a waitress...

Omar Hamdan

Omar Hamdan

Kitchen support

I have not been in Spain for long. I’m a kitchen assistant and I’m learning and enjoying a great deal alongside the chef, Miguel Alija.

Andrea Muniente

I cannot tell you the exact moment that I arrived at my vocation, but the truth is that I saw in the kitchen a way to express my creativity and imagination and, in turn, to share this passion with customers. I studied at the Hofmann School of...