Since Restaurant Casa Calvet opened its doors in 1994, our chef Miquel Alija has elaborated his own cuisine, full of nuances and original, reconciling state of the art creation with longstanding Mediterranean tradition.


Our cooking combines the vanguardism of other great creators of our national cuisine with a certain influence from Asian cuisine.

Fresh duck liver with sour oranges, rice with lobster, vegetables with goat?s cheese, partridge with chestnuts or rosemary ice-cream are just some of our chef’s creations.

Our seasonal menu, which varies according to the season of the year and includes vegetarian dishes, together with our high quality wine list directed by our sommelier Paquita Castro, have contributed to making Restaurant Casa Calvet one of the city’s most recommended dining venues.

Under the management of Pilar Oyaga, Restaurant Casa Calvet offers its customers an unbeatable setting and exquisite service in the heart of Barcelona.

Our customers enjoy the pleasure of finding seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city amongst our walls, full of history.